women sewing sanitary hygeine kits

Springs of Hope Foundation will purchase the materials necessary to sew washable, reusable pads. The students at the vocational training facility will provide the labor as part of their on-going training. The kits will be distributed free of charge to girls from needy families. Today millions of women and girls around the world are stigmatized, excluded and discriminated against simply because they menstruate. An estimated 4.2 million girls in Kenya miss as many as four school days each month due to lack of sanitary pads. That is 20% of a girl’s education each year! Approximately 65% of Kenyan girls and women are unable to purchase sanitary pads. This affects student performance and can contribute to unhygienic practices.


$7.20 will provide eight washable sanitary pads; two underpants; two bars of soap; a carry pouch made of water-resistant fabric to discreetly stow used liners while on the go; one facecloth; a drawstring bag made of locally sourced fabrics and a printed brochure.