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These supplies are needed for a shelter on the US-Mexico border in the Rio Grande Valley. The tents are needed for people on the street who are not able to get into a shelter. There are thousands of migrants in Reynosa, Mexico who are in desperate need of supplies. The shelter houses 1200 people but is lacking in supplies. The local non-government organizations and churches are stretched thin because of their involvement in other shelters and tending to the hundreds of people who are on the streets because the shelters are at capacity.


The following supplies are needed:
$44.00, 4-person tent;
$17.50 can dry whole milk;
$24.00 pack dish sponges;
$58.00, trash bags;
$13.00, laundry soap;
$50.00 box nitrile gloves;
$16.00, soap;
packages of the following - $50.00 toothbrushes;
$45.00 toothpaste;
$24.00 sanitary pads.