In a village in North Kivu, DRC, many households have at least two elderly people whose health care is a problem, given the widespread poverty and the number of mouths to feed per household. Households that have a young person experienced in raising rabbits and at the same time have a senior citizen, will benefit from breeding rabbits. The rabbits’ rapid reproduction will allow the family to earn money to cover health care and other costs. Young people will partner with the senior citizens in carrying out the project. Each household will be able to acquire four female breeding rabbits; 1 large cage and 2 small maternity cages to house the animals, according to animal welfare standards. Six male rabbits will serve the group.


 Rabbits, $7.00; Ordinary rabbit cage, $12.00; Maternity Rabbit cage, $7.00; Food and veterinary products, $33.00 per rabbit.