students wearing black and white uniforms

These items are needed by students who were affected by Cyclone Freddy. Their families lost everything. Fifty secondary students, 30 girls and 20 boys were selected by the Supportive Pillar Organization as most in need. These items will help students to stay in school and not dropout, due to lack of funds for needed materials. Currently only 8% of the population enrolled in secondary schools manages to graduate. Associated Organization: Supportive Pillar Organization. This organization is run by a group of youths who volunteer to change the lives of other young people living in extreme poverty. Providing vulnerable students with emotional and financial support ensures that they will stay in school and eventually be well-equipped to join the workforce.


$16.00, school uniform; $30.00 exam fees; $3.00, mathematical sets; $6.50 Scientific calculators; $.75 notebook; $.50 pens; $.20 pencils.