This project aims to provide a self-sustainable community garden for the village of Khuyu, Likoma Island, Lake Malawi.  A variety of vegetables (such as cabbage, ocra, carrots, lettuce, pumpkin) will be grown throughout the year. The vegetables grown will not only provide an inexpensive food source for the community, but also will generate income through sales to the nearby resort. Additionally it will act as a training project for those who wish to set up or improve their own home gardens, with open workshops for both adults and children at each stage of the growing process.


$10.00 shovel
forks, hoes, $5.00 each
$70.00 wheel barrow
$6.00 watering can
$30.00 plastic drum for water collection
$3.00 water tap
$45 roll of hose pipe
$60.00 cattle manure
$50.00 chicken wire for fencing
$60.00 seeds
$20.00 bag of cement for shallow water well