Springs of Hope Foundation's main focus in this period of COVID 19 has been to donate food hampers & face masks to as many vulnerable and needy families as possible in the county of Nakuru, Kenya. as possible. The primary targeted families are the elderly, terminally ill patients, persons with disabilities, vulnerable, and child-headed households. Most of the residents in these outer-lying communities are casual laborers who are paid after working. During normal times neighbors share what little they have leftover with the more vulnerable in their community. With the current pandemic, these residents are unable to find casual employment and feed their own families. Some of these families have been going to the area chief to beg for food and a lot have been foregoing meals.

The weekly food hamper distributions are at the area chief's camp in order to make sure that they go to those most in need. The food hampers consist of basic, nutritional food. beans, maize, and fresh cabbage. The hampers include a hand-made face mask.


$5.00 will provide a food hamper with food and masks for a family of five for one week;
$10.00 will fuel a volunteer’s vehicle to deliver hampers in remote areas;
$35.00 will provide a 90 kg sack or maize (corn);
$65.00 will provide a 90 kg. sack of beans and
$12.00 will provide supplies and material to make face masks.