In order to support a reforestation project, the following items are needed: Plants, $11.00 - $28.00 each; Compost, $3.00 per bag; Fencing, $265.00 per hectare; and Land, $312.00 per hectare, equivalent to the size of a soccer field. The rain forest is disappearing and with it the indigenous medicinal plants that have been used for centuries to help and heal people. When the forests are cleared, the rich soil changes to a barren desert landscape which is inhospitable to plants and animals. In addition, polluting chemicals used by the clear cutters lead to contamination of the rivers and soil. Every hectare that is lost is therefore not only a catastrophe for the environment and climate change, but also for those who depend on medicinal plants for health.


$11.00 - $28.00 each
Compost, $3.00 per bag
Fencing, $265.00 per hectare
Land, $312.00 per hectare