students in tanzania working at desks with science class supplies

In most schools, boys have priority to take science because it is believed that science is too difficult for girls. Fewer than 17% of girls can take high school science, but, at The School of St Jude’s new secondary campus for girls, every girl takes science every year (grades 7-12). When a girl takes science at St Jude, she is able to pass her national exams and possibly attend university on scholarship for a science or medical degree. The bias against girls is removed and the entire community benefits.


The following materials are needed to equip three new science labs for girls in Tanzania:
$17.00 for crucible and lid;
$12.00 lab coat;
$7.00 box of disposable gloves;
$2.00 each for glass beaker, test tube racks;
safety goggles and $1.00 for Pyrex test tubes.