Due to armed conflict there is an upsurge of internally displaced persons. The unexpected increase has given rise to rapidly increasing levels of hunger. Food scarcity and increased population have led to escalating prices. Home and community gardens are a simple solution to improve access to nutritious food. This project aims to help 100 families by providing them with farm tools and seeds as well as training on how to sustain a home garden.


Seed packets for pepper, tomato, cucumber, okra, watermelon and carrot range from $2.50 - $3.50. Needed gardening tools include: rake, $5.00; hoe, trowel and shovel, $3.25 each; basket, $2.50; wheel barrow and watering can, $27.00 each; measuring tape, $1.75; and spraying can and anti-fungal chemical spray, $8.50 each.