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Many women and children have been displaced due to war conflicts. This project will target 500 women and young girls who have been displaced. The kitchen will be shared and managed by the dwellers. The goal is to create a multifunctional space for internally displaced women to allow for social interaction, income generation and feeding of themselves and their children. They also would sell snacks and meals to the surrounding community.


The following items are needed to set up a community kitchen:
$10.00 chairs; $30.00 tables; $15.00 pots; $2.00 each, spoons, knives, trays, plates, tea cups and saucers; $10.50 large bowls; $15.00 electric scale; $4.00 frying pans; and $5.00 kettles. Needed kitchen equipment includes: $150.00 food processor; $65.00 immersion blender; $700.00 oven; $600.00 refrigerator; $800.00 freezer and $250.00 stainless steel work table.