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In rural Maasai Mara of Kenya, many families live in traditional mud huts in a circular village called a manyatta. There is no power or light and books are non-existent. This area also has the highest drop-out rate in Kenya. The schools have had no libraries or other educational resources that could ignite a culture of reading and learning. Oliveseed Kenya Trust develops high-quality libraries for public schools there and is now building community “Manyatta Libraries,” steps away from where people live. These Manyatta Libraries, with an engaging collection of curriculum books and storybooks, are solar powered and the only lit structure in their village. Children use the Manyatta Library every afternoon and evening, supervised by a local teacher, and they can also take a portable solar light home with them with a book. Study tables and benches are locally made.


Books range from $7.00 - $15.00 each; book covers $5.00; Encyclopedia, $20.00; portable solar light $20.00; study table, $60.00 and benches, $20.00 each.