Bali has about 2 million stray dogs. The government in Bali regularly undertakes “elimination” programs to reduce the population. Pro Sterile Indonesia, a small grass roots organization relies donations of time, funds and supplies. They regularly undertake village sterilization days as they believe in sterilization as opposed to elimination to reduce the population of unwanted dogs.


Implement and supply costs are:
$15.00 for 100ml antibiotic injections;
$9.00 per 100 blades; $3.50 for Diazepam to assist with the anesthesia;
$1.00 per set of sterile gloves;
$100.00 for Ketamine anesthetic for approximately 35 animals;
$22.00 for Meloxicam, an anti-inflammatory drug for approximately 35 animals;
$25.00 for Xylaxine for sedation and
$2.00 for suture, cat gut and needle per dog.