Tondo and Baseco, two districts bordering the coast of Metro Manila, are home to some of the most densely packed slums in the world. Around 30% of Metro Manila’s population, or 4 million, is estimated to live in slums. At least five times a year, fires sparked by a cigarette, faulty electrical wiring or an open gas range grow large enough to destroy entire neighborhoods and claim dozens of lives. Due to the cheap, flammable nature of materials used for housing, fires spread rapidly, fueled by cardboard, plastic, tin, corrugated steel, and the small gas tanks present in every kitchen. There are no local sources of water nor fire extinguishers available to contain the fire. The fire extinguishers with be distributed with the help of local volunteers at Bless the Children Foundation, many of whom are residents of Tondo and Baseco. Please find more information here.


$20.00 will provide a 3lb. fire extinguisher with a five-year warranty.